Major Research Projects currently being undertaken by Institute faculty include:

1) A scholarly theoretical business paper detailing the innovative theoretical model entitled “The Positive Business Model” is currently being completed by publication in late 2014. This paper outlines the unique and socially constructive theoretical framework that underpins all of the Freedom Institute of Higher Education business programmes.

2) A Collection of business case study projects are also in development. These projects will investigate and publish case studies in the following business sub-fields:

  • Retail Management

  • Productivity

  • Sustainability

These books are being developed to support investigation and quantitative and qualitative understandings of initiatives in the above sub-fields and will be published and become programme textbooks.

Higher Education
3) One quantitative investigation of the experiences of higher/tertiary academic leaders is underway and will be published in 2015. This project is called; Uncensored Wisdom of Academic Leaders. 

4) Two other scholarly and innovative theory to practice-based higher-tertiary education discussions are also in progress to develop and further international understandings and development of:

  • Educational Facilitation and

  • the Work-integrated Learning Experience Model

5) An investigation into the needs of new Health Management programme learners and their expectations of faculty, the programme they are studying and the institution they are studying in are investigated with a view to developing understandings and supports for advanced professional health management learners.