All faculty at FREEDOM are engaged in conducting research to identify significant knowledge related to philosophy, theory or practice in their field of expertise. Faculty engage in research to contribute to society and to stay current in their field of expertise. They also work collectively to develop the quality of their educational facilitation and/or learners support understandings.

Research undertaken by faculty is disseminated through publications such as books, journal, face to face at conferences, in symposia, workshops, short courses, extended programmes and consultancy work with Institute clients and field stakeholders.

The key benefactors of FREEDOM Institute research activities are learners studying at FREEDOM and those who work in the professional areas in which the Institute focuses - business, higher education, health, management and leaders. 

In 2018 a FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education Research Team was awarded a national Ako Aotearoa Best Practice Research Grant entitled ‘Whare Tapa Rima-The Five Sided Home’. This research will provide national and international tertiary education providers with a holistic learners support system designed to optimise and accelerate learning for all and to support equitable learner achievement in the tertiary.

See the Model below:

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