Working While Studying

Most learners studying at the FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education programmes work part-time or full-time while studying. This combination can be valuable and enhance achievements if work is related to the studies but it can also be detrimental to the achievement of high level employment and career goals if too demanding or unpredictable.
All learners are advised to carefully consider their work-study life balance, family and other commitments and aspirations prior to entering a

FREEDOM's programmes are mostly at advanced professional levels and therefore not only requiring normal knowledge and skill acquisition to high levels but also demanding professional character development from learners. This additional programme demand can be highly challenging and require extensive time to develop for many learners. FREEDOM provides learners with timetables that indicate the additional minimum out-of-class time learners will need to be engaged in study in order to pass their programmes.

FREEDOM Institute also supports learners to undertake a voluntary Social Activities Programme and Service Learning Experiences and will offer optional trips, visits and experiences to learners to support their post programme aspirations. Learners are advised to take into account these supportive, enjoyable and often rare opportunities as they arise.