Why Choose FREEDOM?

The FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education was founded based on an aspiration to support all to live a rich and fulfilling life whatever that might mean to you. If you aspire to change your life, or create a better life for your family, community or world, then the FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education is the perfect choice of education provider for you. Our programmes are specially researched and designed to support learners who wish to increase their capabilities, transform, influence and create a better world for themselves, their families, their communities and their nations in a range of fields.


  • provides international quality education
  • is learner-centred
  • has small friendly classes
  • is safe, secure and peaceful
  • has excellent helpful professional learning facilitators
  • is highly supported by employers
  • has excellent holistic learner support systems
  • is supportive of personal growth and leadership development
  • is capable of supporting multiple aspirations
  • is effective in achieving programme graduate profiles
  • has philosophically, theoretically, research & practice balanced programmes
  • programmes are research supported
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Being in downtown Hamilton, FREEDOM has good accommodation close by, and a range of restaurants, theatres, cafes, food outlets and shopping centres. Hamilton is close to a number of major tourist attractions, gardens, beaches, mountains, farmlands and Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua.

Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.
Albert Camus
Creating excellent professional facilitators, advisors, managers and leaders for the world…

Like the Kakano Koru (seedling image above) the Institute supports its learners to grow and go out into the world strong, creative, challenging and capable of facilitating, advising, managing and leading a new world. They develop a range of creative, higher thinking and real world action capabilities informed by the Institute’s unique Professional Honour Code. All programmes include working with real life challenges and future professional colleagues that assist learners’ to transition into high level employment.