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“FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education is a blessing not just for me but for my country, the Philippines and its future students – the Filipino citizens. This is a whole new experience that will be part of my personal and professional life”

Kristyl Zagala

 Currently studying Graduate Diploma in Advanced Educational Facilitation (Level 7)


Andreia Moribe Baraldi

Alumnus of FREEDOM - Grad. Diploma in Health (Applied Advanced Management) Level 7

Mary Amacna

"Educational Facilitation is a program every University Lecturer needs to do."

Symposium Reflection

The symposium held last 15th to 17th of April was truly an enriching experience for me. It was really inspiring hearing different point of views from different speakers of such high calibre. Education is truly such an interesting field and I am glad that I am part of the education community.

It is good to know and have the reaffirmation that I am part of a whole. No matter how different I might think I am as a foreigner in a country, I am also the same. I can bring positive things and contribute to the community due to these differences.
I like hearing researchers and problems encountered by other organisations because it is also a learning experience for me. I have a point of reference and a gauge of my own teaching methods and compare what worked or didn’t work in their country as well as the differences in my own country’s methods.

Hearing other people talk from all over the globe made me realized how big the world is. How different people are but basically the same. We all have our own experiences and problems to deal with. It is inspiring to hear people wanting to make a change for a better education, better future for generations to come. It makes me hopeful and motivated to make my own mark in the education community and make a difference in my little corner of universe.

Shanoj Valiyara
B.Com MBus,MMast(Sust.)
“The important thing is not so much that such that every child should be taught, that every child should be given the wish to learn.”  
John Lubbock

As a training facilitator, I have come to realize the value of John Lubbock quote. The advanced facilitation course has made me take on a different perspective on the art of teaching. As a facilitator, I have learned to realize that the focus should not only be on content but also on the process of imparting knowledge.  I have come to realize that my responsibility as an educator would be complete only if I am able to instill the will and passion in a learner to carry on their process of acquiring knowledge, even after I have left their presence.  
The facilitation classes have made me realize the weight of the responsibility that I have as an imparter of knowledge. It has opened my eyes to alternate methods of imparting knowledge. It has given me an insight to the way learners differed in their learning styles and how to accommodate them in my teaching strategy. Gone are the days when traditional methods of teaching are sufficient. The needs and expectations of learners have evolved over time and the advanced diploma in facilitation course has given me the capability and confidence to be able to exceed the expectations of my learners.
The classes are facilitated in a manner that makes me think outside the box, drawing on my strengths and strengthening my weakness. Filled with activities, I have never had a dull moment in these classes and it surprises me how much I thought I knew about being an educator.

Gerilyn Cawa-ing

Symposium Reflection

On Professor Vickie Stevens, 
Optimizing and accelerating learning though study abroad

- An excellent way of promoting and convincing people not only students but also the professionals and the work force to further their study abroad to broaden their perspective not only on their expertise but life itself.

-Designing and developing post graduate qualifications for non-university institutes in NZ= perfect topic for my project and the scoping and consultation plans I was developing. It is nice to know and meet some people willing to share their strategies and methods of their success.

On Professor Joy Higgs, 
Future of Practice-based Education (PBE)

- How to meet the demands and needs of any organisation from their staff and future staff lies heavily on how the staff or applicant was educated, how he gained his experience and his attitude at work.  The PBE is one of the best way to prepare the future professionals and the work force to effectively land a better job they wanted, at the same time the organisation’s needs and demands will be met and may exceed the expectations of the organisation.

On Professor Suki Weerakoon (University of Hong Kong) 
Use of curriculum designs & leadership to skill a range of HE stakeholders

-The HOTS and LOTS are not only effective in HE but in all stages of education. As early as possible, train a person to say and do the real things, to know/ ask the rationale, the output and even the consequences.

As a whole, the symposia was so educational and useful not only for the students but also the higher educators attending. It is also useful to the industry/business sectors for them to help their staff through PD to have an increased output/production as a result of this innovation. I’m looking forward to the next symposium. 

"FREEDOM really cares about student rights."
Siddharth Sharma- Student Diploma in Retail Management

Everything is fine, friendly experienced, behavour
Rohit Sharma- Student Diploma in Retail Management

- Confident
- Optimistic
- Guidance
Ujiwal Suwal- Student Diploma in Retail Management