Our Postgraduates and their Testimonials

Some of FREEDOM's current Postgraduate learners

  Helen  - Entrepreneur

Helen - Entrepreneur

  Kristine  - Medical Doctor

Kristine - Medical Doctor

  Neil  - General Surgeon

Neil - General Surgeon

  Samantha  - HR Manager

Samantha - HR Manager

  Reeja  - Pharmacist

Reeja - Pharmacist

  Reece                            Dentist and Associate Professor

Reece                           Dentist and Associate Professor

  Rahul                              Dentist and Health Promoter

Rahul                             Dentist and Health Promoter


"It's challenging and engaging. The contents of the program has real life implications which will help you in your future endeavours." - Reece Valdez

"I am now considering how much I have to do to become an inspiring leader and how much I feel now I am capable to become." - Samantha Wiria

"This course helped me to identify the real meaning of leadership and how I could be a motivating leader in the future context."

"It is about identifying you can or cannot, you are right."

"I'm really enjoying the course. It made me realise myself very clearly... It's a guide or framework for my leadership/management. Thanks so much."

"I had no idea there is a course like this but I am thankful that I enrolled in this course coz it helps me a lot with my journey towards being a citizen and a leader and guides me in dealing with different teams."