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What is different about FREEDOM's Leadership Programmes?

These programmes take as their starting point the learner’s leadership aspirations in the real world. These programmes support learners to develop their applied leadership capabilities in alignment with their goals. These programmes support applied leadership in practice and employment readiness.


How FREEDOM sees Applied Leadership

Applied Leadership is self-facilitation first, and working well with others second. It is a reflection of what you believe and value that manifests itself through behaviours and skills that are acquired and honed. Achievement in applied leadership is a journey in influence development undertaken to better our world.The ultimate aim of the programmes is to extend learners capacity to influence and lead change. -Susan F. Stevenson


Learners Elect Their Specialisation

For example:

Academic Administration, Advanced Teaching Practice, Arts, Business Administration, Curriculum Design, Financial Analysis, Governance, Health Administration, Information Technology, Medical Administration, Not for Profit Administration, etc.

Learners are advised to elect their specialisation on their application form. This will be recorded on their graduation certification


Our Faculty

All faculty have international and national experience, are educator facilitators and active field researchers in applied leadership.

Masters in Applied Leadership


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Leadership (Level 8) (60 Credits)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Leadership (Level 8) (120 Credits)

  • Masters of Applied Leadership (Level 9) (180 Credits)

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