FREEDOM Personnel & Faculty

Eliot G.F. Henderson


Business & Retail Education Facilitator

About Eliot

Eliot has worked in education related roles as a Museum Education Host and Tour Guide and as an educational programme operational administrator and computer support person in a large tertiary institution. He has also worked for over 5 years in retail distributor, customer service and retail management roles (including sole management). Past employers include Waikato Museum, Te Wānanga O Aotearoa, Cadbury’s, Simply Squeezed and Z NZ. Eliot makes valuable contributions to the management team in the areas of Operations, website, student management system administration, quality management system maintenance and reporting and at times caters professionally for Institute functions as well as facilitates education programmes in Business and New Zealand Studies for the FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education.

 Research interests/expertise

Eliot’s research interests lie in facilitating business improvement (systems, decision-making and community responsibility). Eliot is planning a Legacy Leadership Project based aimed at promoting small changes in people’s habits that can make a large impact on their quality of life. Eliot is currently completing a double major Bachelor in Social Sciences and Marketing and an Advanced Certificate in Educational Facilitation.

Arwyn LR.jpg

Arwyn Singh

BSc, ACS (Comp), LLB (Hons) and LLM (Northumbria University)

Facilitation Foci: Legal, Marketing and Management

About Arwyn

Arwyn has worked as a Head of Department for Legal Studies at College PTPL (affiliated to MSU University) for 16 years and later as a Senior Lecturer at HELP University in Malaysia and was also actively involved with recruitment and marketing. He taught papers in law for the UK Degree Transfer programmes and the University of London External programme. He specialised in Constitutional law, Law of Tort and English Legal System. A speaker of four languages, Arwyn’s community work ranges from disaster relief & supporting welfare organisations (as an ALERT CADET Squad Leader and Second Lieutenant), a volunteer with Community Fruit Hamilton, in addition to supporting orphanages as a church member.

Research interests/expertise

Arwyn’s expertise in marketing and academics has given him special insights and understandings into international learner needs and the challenges they face. A highly effective writer and editor, Arwyn contributes in writing marketing materials, and interacts with learners, parents, agents and education institutions internationally.

Work undertaken in the past has also included general academic administration and the provision of professional development on good teaching practices, academic writing, boosting research performance, E-learning, psychology of learners and learning, assessment methods, neuro linguistic programming, cyber law, bench marking learning outcomes, management of legal courses and programmes.

Recent publications/research in progress

1.   Arwyn Singh. (2015) ‘The Election Commission of Malaysia: Challenges and Prospects’. Conference paper presented at the 6th Asian Constitutional Forum, National University of Singapore, December 2015

2.   Arwyn Singh. (2014) ‘Managing Elections – Who does it better? A comparative analysis of election regulators in Malaysia and the UK’. Conference paper presented at the UUM International Conference on Governance 2014

3.   Arwyn Singh. (2012) ‘Perhaps the time is right for the Election Commission of Malaysia to enhance its independence and impartiality’ (2012) HELP Law Review

4.   Arwyn Singh. (2012) "Liberalisation of absentee voting and procedures in Malaysia”. Published on-line by the International Malaysian Law Conference

5.   Arwyn Singh. (2010) “Sanctioning stem cell patents on the basis of morality: Lessons from Europe and the USA” (2010) HELP Law Review

6.   Arwyn Singh. (2011) “Malaysians residing overseas are denied the right to vote as absent voters: Reform to the postal ballot process”. Conference paper presented at the University Technology MARA on ‘Emerging Issues in Public Law: Challenges and Perspectives’

Arwyn is currently planning a project in collaboration with FREEDOM faculty and involving several businesses in Cambridge, a small Waikato town. This project will involve an Appreciative Inquiry into local businesses and will identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

Dr. Donald Joyce

CertAd&Tert.Ed, BSc (Hons), and PhD, (University of Cambridge)

 Facilitation Foci: Research, Information Technology and Research Supervision

About Donald

Donald has a vast and successful background as a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Professor, Academic Quality Adviser, Group Facilitator and Mentor in both university and polytechnic settings in New Zealand and overseas. Donald has held positions at Unitec, Massey University and the Universities of Auckland, Cambridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Otago, Oxford, Papua New Guinea, and the South Pacific. He has also served as chair of the National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications (NACCQ). Academic quality system work has included contributions and leadership roles related to academic issues, academic integrity, academic standards, academic statutes, appointments and promotions, postgraduate studies, preliminary studies, undergraduate studies, and university status. Donald has directed qualifications from certificate to doctoral level, served on two NZQA panels, acted as a subject expert for a PTE’s application for approval and accreditation of a degree and as a degree monitor at three institutes of technology.

 Research interests/expertise

Donald’s research interests have in the main focussed on academic integrity, assessment and learner success, programme development, delivery and review. Recent publications include a textbook used in 13 countries, 66 papers in conference proceedings (17 international and 49 national), 35 other conference presentations (11 international and 24 national) and 20 journal papers (9 international and 11 national). Successful supervision of Master’s and doctoral learners is also a key skill and area of experience. Donald is a highly competent, innovative and methodical consultant who can provide clients with quality solutions, systems and materials.

Susan F. Stevenson (nee Graham)

Susan F. Stevenson (nee Graham)

DipTchg, HDipTchg, AdDipTchg, CTT, BritScrtDip, DipRec&Sp,   
AISTD (Ball. London), AISTD (Lat. London), MNZFATD (Lat.NZ)
BEd, PGDip Arts (Education), GradDipCD&AL(Hons) and M.Ed

(University of Otago)

 President (Academic and Research)

Higher Education, Health and Business

Educational Facilitator and Consultant

 About Susan

Susan has held a range of senior management and leadership roles including University Staff Developer, Research Manager, Senior Lecturer, Department Head and Research Fellow, specialist Degree Programme Curriculum Advisor/Designer/Developer, NZQA Approvals and Accreditations Advisor, National Academic Manager, and multiple charitable trust and company directorships. She is currently the President of the International Higher Education Curriculum Designer & Academic Leadership Society. Susan was a USA, UNESCO Scholarship Recipient and has chaired an NZQA Subject Advisory Group as well as research and ethics committees. In 2006, Susan founded House of Montrose Limited, and is now a ‘hands on’ Chief Executive Director of this leading business and education consulting company who trades as ‘NZCDI Business and Education Consultants’ and the highly successful ‘New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute’, a NZQA Registered and Approved Course Owner organisation. Susan has lead or contributed to numerous level 1 to 9 qualification designs or re-development projects and was appointed as an NZQA degree approval and accreditations panellist/chair in 2010. 

Research interests/expertise

Susan has been successfully engaged in advanced educational, academic and business leadership, facilitation and research activities for over 30 years in New Zealand. She has experience in managerial and leadership roles in various context including schools, museums, polytechnics, wananga, businesses and universities. Areas of specialist expertise include institutional and staff capacity building, curriculum design and advanced transformational learning by individuals and organisations. Susan’s consultancy work focuses on organisational quality development, quality facilitation and learning, curriculum design, effective and continuously improving quality management systems and applied leadership. 

Recent publications/research in progress

1. Susan Stevenson. (2015). Work-integrated Learning (WIL) experience approach in New Zealand. In (Eds) Sally Brown Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education: Global Perspectives. London: Palgrave Teaching & Learning.

2. Susan Stevenson. (2015). ‘Professional educational facilitation – a brave new capacity building approach for higher education’. Conference paper presented at Higher Education Group Conference, September 2015

3. Susan Stevenson. (2014). ‘Pushing the refresh button on higher and tertiary education in New Zealand’, Conference paper presented at Tertiary Education Research in New Zealand Conference, November 2014

4. Susan Stevenson. (2012). The Organisation. In (Ed.) Mary Panko Developing A Research Culture, Auckland: Dunmore Press.

Susan is involved in numerous projects with FREEDOM faculty including:

S. Stevenson, Academic Leadership: Uncensored Wisdom(forthcoming)

S. Stevenson, A. Mukherjee and D. Pjongluck, Lifting Leadership Expectations: The Positive Business Model. (forthcoming)

S. Stevenson. A. Shukla, N. Going, E. Henderson, A. Singh.  Expectations, Realities and Challenges faced by learners in PTEs (forthcoming)

Susan F. Stevenson. Addressing Inequalities through Innovative Curricula and Professional Higher Education Learner Leadership Education in New Zealand In Intercultural Studies in Higher Education: Policy & Practice. (forthcoming), Palgrave MacMillan

Graeme E. Stevenson

CMech.Fitter, Third Marine Steam Qual.

 Finance Manager

About Graeme

Graeme has a diverse employment history initially working in the agricultural sector, before undertaking an apprenticeship as a machine operator and becoming an Iron Machinist, Fitter and Turner, Locomotive Maintainer, and the Auxiliary, Caseinating, Unit and finally a Panel Operator at the Genesis Huntly Power Station. He has an interest in mathematics and has served as a finance director at governance level for three companies, one family trust and one charitable trust since 2000. Graeme currently has responsibility for all FREEDOM company financial records and operations as well as quality management systems, and works closely with the other Directors and the academic and research President to ensure the smooth and high quality operation of FREEDOM. He is a keen sportsman; plays golf and squash and runs when time allows. Graeme authored a children’s book entitled ‘Where is the Pot Lid?’ which was inspired by a conversation with one of his sons. Graeme has an interest in quality education that supports independence and positive contributions to family and society.


Kristyl C. Zagala

GDipEdFac., MA.Ed Math, MPA, DPA,

Facilitation Foci: Higher Education, Mathematics

Educational Facilitator Higher Education

Learner Resource Co-ordinator

About Kristyl

Kristyl completed her Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) and Master of Education in Teaching Mathematics (MaEd Math) at the Cebu Technological University, Cebu City, Philippines. She has also achieved a Master in Public Administration degree specialising in Airport and Government Administration (MPA) and Bachelor of Arts Major in Mathematics at the Philippine State College of Aeronautics Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines.

She was a former full-time faculty member teaching mathematics subjects in the undergraduate courses at the Philippine State College of Aeronautics for more than 10 years. She holds various designation such as Collecting Officer; Campus Records Custodian; Gender and Development Coordinator, National Training Services Program Coordinator, Scholarship Selection Committee Member, Registrar Support Staff and Library Support Staff. She was also trained as an Accreditor of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACCUP) in the Philippines.

She attended various seminars and trainings throughout the country and she had presented various research papers both in national and international fora such as:  Translation as Method: From English Math to Cebuano Visayan Math presented during the International Conference last November 20-22, 2014 at the University of the Philippines Diliman; The Role of Translation in Promoting Cebuano Visayan Culture Viewed Through Multisectoral Lens presented during the National & International Research Conference 2015: NIRC 2015 last January 21-24, 2015 at Buriram Rajabhat University Buriram, Thailand; Exploring Gender And Development Best Practices:The Philsca Mactan Campus Experience presented during the 3rd National Multidisciplinary Research Conference Sur last April 27-29, 2015 at the University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City Ilocos; Aviation Education: Soaring High for K-12 Challenges and Opportunities presented during the 11th Nakem International Conference last May 23-25, 2016 at the Pangil Beach Resort Ilocos Norte, Philippines; and lastly Difficulty and Performance of Aviation Students in Translating Worded Statements into Mathematical Symbols presented during the  4th Rajabhat University National & International Research and Academic Conference last November 22-24, 2016 at the Buriram Rajabhat University Buriram, Thailand.

Kristyl recently completed her Graduate Diploma in Advanced Educational Facilitation at the FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education. She has also achieved a scholarship to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Leadership with a focus on higher education and mathematics part-time at FREEDOM.

Her research interests include optimising and accelerating learner achievements in all subjects but especially in mathematics.


Dr Suzanne Grant

PG Dip TT., BMS (Hons), MMS (Dist) & Ph.D.

Facilitation Foci: Social Sciences, Research Business and Education,

About Dr Grant

Suzanne Grant completed her PhD “A paradox in action? A critical analysis of an appreciative inquiry” at the University of Waikato in 2006, with the conceptual development of critical appreciative processes (CAPS) informing several subsequent research projects and supervisions. Her research interests include the areas of social enterprise (SE), community/not for profit organisations, and organisation behaviour, and she is a current member of the Social Enterprise Journal Editorial Board. She has a particular interest and research strength in transformative methodologies encompassing action research and critical theory perspectives. Suzanne has completed local research and international collaborative projects, supervised five PhD’s and examined two PhDs for University of Auckland and one for Victoria University of Wellington. In 2014 she co-edited Social entrepreneurship and enterprise: Concepts in context” with Dr Heather Douglas. Other recent research projects include, Social entrepreneurial ecosystems, SE/CSR overlap, the ICSEM (international social enterprise mapping) project, critical consideration of SE through the work of Polanyi, and critical management practice for SE managers. Her 2017 paper in Social Enterprise Journal “Social enterprise in New Zealand: An overview” was awarded the Emerald Literati 2018 Highly Commended Award from Emerald Publishing. At a professional/empirical level Suzanne bring specific expertise working collaboratively with community organisations.

Key and Recent Publications

de Bruin, A.; Grant, S.L (in progress) “Social entrepreneurial ecosystems: Towards a conceptual framework”

Roy, M.; Grant, S.L (in progress) “The importance of Karl Polanyi and social enterprise and social entrepreneurship scholarship”.

Grant, S.L: Palakshappa, N. (2018) “Exploring the SE/CSR overlap: The mainstreaming of fair trade” International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 23 (3) DOI: 10.1002/nvsm.1625

Ridley-Duff, R.; Grant, S.L (2017) “Asset-based co-operative management: OPERA as a form of critical appreciation” Journal of Cooperative Studies, 50 (2), Autumn 2017, 29-44

Grant, S.L (2017) Social enterprise in New Zealand - an overview", Social Enterprise Journal, 13 (4), pp.410-426,

Palakshappa, N.; Grant, S.L (2017) “Social Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility: Towards a deeper understanding of the links and overlaps” International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research. (Special Issue)

Douglas, H.; Grant, S.L. (2014) Social entrepreneurship and enterprise: Concepts in context” Tilde University Press, Melbourne, Australia.

Zorn, T.E.; Grant, S.L.; Henderson, A. (2013) “Strengthening resource mobilisation chains: Developing the social media competencies of community and voluntary organisations in New Zealand” Voluntas, International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 24 (3), 666-687. DOI 10.1007/s11266-012-9265-1

Grant, S. L. (2012) “Enhancing community policing through critical appreciative processes” AI Practitioner, International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry – Special Issue, 14 (3), 21-25

Grant, S.L. (2006) A paradox in action? A critical analysis of an appreciative inquiry. PhD Thesis, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Grant, S.L.; Humphries, M. (2006) “Critical evaluation of appreciative inquiry: Bridging an apparent paradox?” Action Research 4 (4), p 401-418

Humphries, M. Grant, S.L. (2005) “Social enterprise and re-civilisation of human endeavours: Re-socialising the market metaphor or encroaching colonisation of the lifeworld?” Current Issues in Comparative Education, 8 (1), December 2005

Full list of publications available on request.


Dr. Kay Fielden

BSc, MSc (ComSc), PhD (SocEc) University of Western Sydney

Research Manager

Kay Fielden has been an academic for 39 years across a number of discipline areas including Computing, Information Technology, Business, Social Ecology and Mathematics in both New Zealand and Australia. Her last full-time position was as Professor of Computing at Unitec. Since leaving Unitec in 2012, Kay has worked in a number of different tertiary institutions across the sector including Universities, Polytechnics and Private Training Establishments and she has taught more than 25 different papers in Business, Computing, Applied Research and Business Ethics. Kay was a member of the 2012 PBRF panel for Mathematics and Information Sciences. She has also served on NZQA accreditation panels for postgraduate qualifications and acted as a trained mediator in the tertiary sector in both Australia and New Zealand, and was part of the peer mentoring programme at Unitec. Kay has published many peer-reviewed papers both nationally and internationally, in both journals and conferences and also delivered keynote addresses and facilitated conference workshops.

Recent publications

Sontakke, S. Pawar, S. and Fielden, K. (2017) IT factors that impact on improving productivity in Rural India. Asia Pacific Journal of Business and Management. 8 1/ ISSN1179-626X.

Patel, R.  and Fielden, K. (2016). Postgraduate students’ perceptions of success in a warming world. AABSS conference, Auckland.

Xie, T., Chen, C., Lu, X. Q. and Fielden, K. (2015). Network company analysis in Auckland. Asia Pacific Journal of Business and Management. 6 1/2 ISSN1179-626X.

Research Interests/Expertise

Kay’s research and teaching has spanned a number of domains within both Computing, Information Technology and Business.  In these domains, she has a significant international reputation for her scholarship.  The ability to contribute at a high level across a number of domains is unusual, and accordingly, provides her with opportunities to contribute in unique and innovative ways to the disciplines of computing and business.  In the past five years she has supervised both masters and PhD level dissertations and theses.


Dr Neil B. D’Souza

M.B.B.S., M.S. (General Surgery), P.G. (Dip.)A.L.

Facilitation foci: Health, Health Business and Research Methods

About Neil

Neil has studied and worked in the health sector in India for 16 years. After his under graduation he has worked as a Casualty Medical Officer in different institutions in India where he has gained experience in the diagnosis and management of various medical, surgical, orthopaedic, gynaecological and paediatric illnesses and emergencies. This hands-on exposure inculcated in him a passion for the field of General Surgery. Since then he has progressed from being a Junior Resident in Surgery to an Assistant Professor and Consultant Surgeon in teaching hospitals in South India. Along this journey he has also been actively involved in teaching young medical under and post-graduates and has been an invigilator in medical degree examinations. Neil then completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Leadership with a focus on Health Administration-Information Technology in Clinical settings in New Zealand. He has a passion for supporting excellence in academic and managerial performance in the Health sector in New Zealand.

Research Experience:

1.       Neil’s Master’s thesis involved a study on techniques of haemorrhoidectomy and was titled “Treatment of haemorrhoids in A.J.I.M.S., Mangalore – A prospective study of Milligan-Morgan haemorrhoidectomy versus Ferguson haemorrhoidectomy”.

2.       He has also presented a poster titled “Schwannoma (Neurilemmoma) base of the tongue: A rare clinical case report at the KSC-ASICON 2014 surgical conference held at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India.

3.       He has also attended various conferences and C.M.E’s in South India.   

4.       In April he attended the International Health Promotors Conference in  Rotorua on behalf of FREEDOM.

Xiudi LR.jpg

Dr. Cecilia Zhang

BA, Master of Management and PhD of Education

Assistant Research Manager

Facilitation Foci: Higher Education Facilitator

About Cecilia Zhang

Cecilia Zhang has a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Management and PhD of Education. She has two years part-time working in the Wuhan Engineer University, China, 2010-2012. She was also an editor of the Higher Education Journal office in China. She came to New Zealand for her PhD study in 2013. Dr. Zhang currently leads higher education programmes and her special capabilities in the field of evaluation, her PhD supervisor was the eminent Professor Saville Kushner, a global expert in evaluation methods with an underpinning focus on developing democracy and equity in society. Cecilia continues this tradition and is currently completing a book about evaluation for Springer.

 Research interests/expertise

Education evaluation, Higher education, Educational theory, Case study and Citizenship education

Recent Journal publications/research in progress

1)     Zhang Cecilia, “Chinese international students’ citizenship attitudes in the New Zealand context”, Citizenship Teaching and learning, 13(2), 2018, in progressing.

2)     Zhang Cecilia, “Directors inside of Electronic Fences”, a book chapter of Evaluative Enquiry and Democracy: Theory and Method,2017.

3)     Zhang Cecilia, “Kites Flying: Chinese overseas students’ reflections on National Identity”: The Qualitative Report, 2017.

4)     Zhang Cecilia, “The Third Space: Impact of the Hidden Curriculum on the Understanding of Chinese International students in New Zealand”, book chapter of Educating Chinese-Heritage Students in the Global-local Nexus: Achievement, Challenges, and Opportunities, 2017.

5)     Zhang Cecilia, “As far as the government is a good government, it is democratic”: Citizenship education in China, Journal of Citizenship, Social and Economic Education, 2016.

6)    Zhang Cecilia, “Analysis on the Educational Quality-ensuring Measures of the State-owned University in JiangXi Province”,Journal of Gannan Normal University.2011 (in Chinese)

7)     Zhang Cecilia, “Compare Female Education between China and American”, In Business Culture.2010 (in Chinese)

 Conferences Presentations

1)     The 10th Conference for the International Association for Citizenship, Social and Economic Education (IACEE) in 2013.

2)     The Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA) conference in 2015.

3)     Paper: All at Sea: the struggle of the case study worker with Professor SavilleKushner.

4)     Visiting Scholar at the Education Institution of Hong Kong in October 2015.

5)     Paper: Qualitative Research: How is it done?  Presented at Twelfth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in May18-21 2016, Champaign-Urbana, IL, USA.

Professional affiliations

Member of New Zealand Chinese Scientist association (NZCSA)

Recruitment Officer of the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

Peer Reviewer of Journal Citizenship, Social and Economic Education

Nelleke Bak.png

Professor Nelleke Bak

BA (Ed), BA (Hons), MA, PhD (University of the Western Cape)

 Facilitation Foci: Research Methods and Research Supervision

About Nelleke

Before moving to New Zealand in May 2015, Dr Nelleke Bak was the Director of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Cape Town, where she was responsible for overseeing postgraduate policy, streamlining systems, encouraging appropriate innovation, developing educational resources and providing academic and professional development opportunities for 8,500 postgraduate students and 320 postdoctoral fellows. Prior to this role Nelleke was Professor of Education Policy Studies at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Associate Professor-Director of National and International Scholarships at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA, Director and Chief Curriculum Developer of the South African Nation Responsible Gambling Schools Programme, Associate Professor, Director of Postgraduate Enrolment and Throughput at the University of Western Cape South Africa and, and at the start of her career a teacher and School Head of Department. Through her positions, Nelleke has developed significant skills in the areas of postgraduate teaching, supervision (both Masters and PhD students), resource development and academic management and leadership. Nelleke speaks three languages fluently, has gained an outstanding Teacher Award, is an experienced facilitator and has developed curricula – class-based and web-based resources for diverse audiences.

Research interests/expertise

Nelleke’s research interests include philosophy of education, critical and scientific reasoning, curriculum design, teaching-facilitation quality, ethics and postgraduate education. In addition, she has written a series of guides for postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, administrators and supervisors including: Research Proposal Guide, Thesis Guide, Supervision Guide, Guidelines for the Administration of Master’s and Doctoral Students, Guide to Academic Writing, Guide on Avoiding Plagiarism, Guide on Managing Postdocs, Publishing from your Thesis, a Supervision Starter Pack and has co-written  a Student Survival Guide. Nelleke has published in numerous journals, written a book entitled Completing your Thesis: A Practical Guide (van Schaik, 2004) and has contributed to a range of publications. Nelleke’s main research interests include ethics of the Built Environment, Scientific Reasoning and Critical Thinking, Supervision Relationships and Practices, Youth Gambling and High-Risk Behaviour.

Recent publications/research in progress

1.    Bak, N. (2015). Complementary models of supervision. Acknowledged contribution in In Holness, L. Growing the Next Generation of Researchers. Cape Town: UCT Press.

2.    Bak, N. (2011). Professionalising the supervision relationship: A reply to Waghid, Fataar and Hugo. South African Journal of Higher Education 25(6): 1047-1061.

3.    Bak, N. (2007). Taking Risks Wisely, Grades 7-9. The South African Responsible Gambling Trust: Johannesburg (Piloted version: 2007; final version: 2010)

4.    Bak, N. (2004). How to Complete Your Thesis: A Practical Guide. Pretoria: Van Schaik’s.

Professional affiliations/Editorial Boards

The South African Journal of Higher Education (1998 - 03)

The South African Journal of Education (2000 - 03)

Law, Democracy and Development (2001)

Foram Shah

CAdEd, B.Sc. (Statistics - Gold Medal), M.Sc. (Statistics), & M.Phil. (Statistics) 

 Facilitation Foci: Business and Quantitative Research

About Foram

A qualified adult educator and talented mathematician, statistician and quantitative research analyst, Foram gained a Gold Medal award for her Statistics studies in India. Foram then began her teaching career in high schools and through private mathematics coaching in India. This experience created a strong base for the education work she undertook in 2003 when Foram moved to New Zealand with her family. Foram initially focussed on language teaching and joined a private provider as an ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) tutor. Since her start in higher education in New Zealand, Foram has progressed from Diploma Tutor, Marketing Coordinator, Programme Leader, Campus Manager, Head Tutor to an Institutional Director of Studies. Foram has an array of international networks and education and business contacts in New Zealand and India and is an enthusiastic and hardworking advocate for the projects and interests of those she works with. Foram can provide vital multi perspective which is often a key to project and market entry success.

Research interests/expertise

Over the past years Foram has successfully led a number of projects at national and international level and has been involved in strategic planning, EER preparation, NZQA panel defences, academic leadership decision making, quality assurance, curriculum development, plus international and national marketing and recruitment planning and implementation. Foram has also worked in the university sector in New Zealand and is currently undertaking a PhD in Mathematics education. Foram is a capable consultant with special skills in the support and development of international student markets, market planning, analyses and market entry as well as in curriculum development areas.

Parvinder Summan

Executive Co-ordinator: Systems and Facilities

Facilitation Focus: Hospitality, Business, Finance, and Restaurant and Cafe Management

Parvinder has a diverse background which includes acting as an Executive Personal Assistant to a range of eminent NZ education leaders. She has lead a range of businesses including highly successful restaurants and cafes. She has high levels of expertise in human resource management, financial record keeping and general business administration.