Research and Ethics Committee

The Freedom Institute of Higher Education has a Research and Ethics Committee chaired by Freedom’s Research Manager.  This committee determines and maintains the quality of research at the Freedom Institute of Higher Education and supports the Research Manager to facilitate research activities and events with faculty and learners at international or appropriate levels.

Freedom Institute of Higher Education
Research and Ethics Committee Terms of Reference

Frequency: Minimum of twice a year

Research and Ethics Board’s primary purpose is to advise, set and uphold international research and ethical standards and conduct by personnel and learners of Freedom qualifications. The Research and Ethics Board is a sub-committee of the Freedom Academic Board of Studies.

The Committee’s functions are to:

  • Develop and maintain international level organisational research quality and consistency;

  • Ensure research and ethical standards are international coherent, current, and continuously developed;

  • Advise on processes or procedures and policies that support research and ethical conduct by personnel and learners;

  • Identify current and additional research and ethical resource requirements;

  • Review and maintain the international quality of all research and ethical systems and processes;

  • Identify appropriate transitions and changes and ensure these are appropriately reported and carried out in relation to research and ethics and

  • Monitor, review and approve research and ethical consents and activities

  • Recommend and support Research and Ethics related Professional Development for Faculty (i.e. Supervision, Research Methods and so on...)

  • Review and maintain Research Supervision quality and activities

Membership of this Board shall include but not be limited to:

  • Research Manager

  • President (Academic & Research)

  • Academic Manager or delegate

  • Heads of Schools

  • Programme Leaders

  • Faculty

  • Māori Representative

  • Pasifika Representative

  • Ethnic Group Representatives

  • Lay Member

  • Learner member