FREEDOM Aspirations


To realise sustainable social, cultural, environmental

and economic wealth and freedom for all.


To facilitate academic and professional management and

leadership excellence through education and research programmes.


Ne Oublie Libertate

Marketing By-line

Creating thought and action leaders for the world

FREEDOM’s Purpose

It is the purpose of the FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education to:
1. Support sustainable social, cultural, environmental and economic wealth and freedom for all;
2. Create excellent transformative and professional facilitators, advisors, managers and leaders for the world;
3. Conduct research that generates new knowledge and excellence in practice;
4. Support human rights and equity and
5. Act as a critic and conscience of society.


To provide international quality professional higher education that establishes a national and international reputation for:

1.    Providing effective philosophically, theoretically, research and practice balanced
2.    learning experiences which comprehensively achieve all programme graduate profile components;
3.    Develop graduates with the highest professional standards, values and ethical conduct;
4.    Graduate work-ready and further study ready graduates;
5.    Developing graduates with the capabilities and integrity to enact decisions that support the Institute’s vision;
6.    Effective education pathways in chosen professional fields and
7.    Extensive stakeholder support for programmes and graduate employment outcomes.


The objectives of the institute are to:

1. Graduate learners who meet and support New Zealand’s Tertiary Education Strategy aspirations;
2. Achieve equitable educational outcomes for Māori and learners from other ethnic groups at FREEDOM; 
3. Graduate learners capable of enacting the Institute’s vision and mission through professional facilitator, advisor, managerial and leadership roles.
4. Consistently develop graduates that excel in local, national and global contexts;
5. Contribute through excellent facilitation, curriculum design and research at local, national and international levels;
6. Contribute nationally and internationally significant new knowledge and practices that contribute to the realisation of New Zealand government goals and objectives.
7. Act as a critic and conscience of society in alignment with the Institute’s vision and mission and
8. Continually improve all institute outcomes, systems and processes to the highest international standards.


FREEDOM is an active supporter of
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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