FREEDOM Advisory Council

Alison Nation
Alison started her career in the accounting industry in Wanganui before completing her university studies at Massey. She then moved into Chartered Accountancy in Wanganui prior to heading to London for her OE where she worked for two years, including a yearlong assignment with British Rail. Alison has had an outstanding record as a practising Accountant and in the Waikato region. Alison was an Associate with Staples Rodway, Waikato where she worked for many years and partner in 'Accountants on London' until joining with BDO Hamilton where she is an Advisory Partner today. Alison currently serves her community through a range of not for profit board directorships and is an advocate for quality accounting education. Alison is a supporter of economic independence and well-being and has been highly successful in supporting the economic freedom of individuals and organisational regionally and nationally.


Brian Harcourt
Brian is the General Manager of the Rapikirua Institute and a member of the Hauora Waikato Group board. He is recognised for his significant contributions to health sector management especially in the sub field of Mental Health. Recent research by Brian has focussed on poverty and its causes and effects. A published author Brian contributed to: Whakapirimai: Exploring the Elements That Impact on Gambling; Mental health services 'by Māori for Māori': potential barriers that could impede and Promoting Into The World Of Light: Kia Tukua Ki Te Ao Marama with Hauora Waikato Group staff. Brian’s life work has been dedicated to mental health service management, research and education and related social change. He is an advocate of health and well-being for all and the freedoms such holistic well-being brings.

Eisen Shim
Eisen is the Director of Dynafuture and a leading member of Green Medicine Association of New Zealand. He spends much of his time working, teaching and researching in the area of Green Medicine and supporting its inclusion in traditional medical education both in South Korea and New Zealand. Now resident in Hillcrest Eisen is a lover of New Zealand’s great outdoors and the promotion of health and well-being. Originally a pharmaceutical engineer Eisen brings his high level education and achievements in this sub field to his work today. Eisen is also a builder of a trading bridge between South Korea and New Zealand. Eisen supports the freedom of people to be naturally healthy, well, educated and economically independent. 

Hinemutu Reid
Ngati Wairere, Tainui

Hinemutu is an advocate and leader of positive social and cultural change in her community and outside. A leading contributor to re-integration and life change support in the Corrections Department Hinemutu works daily to overcome challenges that have their roots in colonisation. Currently pursuing higher education and examining effective life change support processes Hinemutu draws on traditional and a range of other approaches to be effective. Recent interests include an integration in educational and economic development for her people. Hinemutu is a supporter and advocate for educational, cultural, economic, social and environmental freedom lived with a sense of responsibility and care.

Jovi Abellanosa
Jovi was a university lecturer in the Philippines before coming to New Zealand. She has held roles as a Co-ordinator for Settlement Support, Relationship Manager for the Hamilton Multicultural Services Trust and currently Ethnic Development Advisor for the Hamilton City Council. Jovi has relationships and understanding of the ethnic communities residing in Hamilton and Waikato and works to promote the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of communities she advocates for. Jovi’s life experiences and work show her dedication to helping others settle and start new lives. Her work supports and promotes cultural diversity in New Zealand.

Liz Pennington
Liz was appointed Chief Executive of Vitae in August 2013. She was born in Hawkes bay and is of Irish descent. Following her nursing education she completed further study in education, health and management. Previously Liz has worked in a range of roles in mental health, social and community development, tertiary education and in the not for profit sector. In addition Liz has worked as a National Auditor/ Surveyor of Health and Disability Services and has served as Chairperson of the Anglican Care Network of New Zealand. And advocate for care and support of those in need in our communities.  Liz supports the freedom of people to hold diverse belief systems and to be empowered through education and support. Liz’s contributions to the not for profit sector in particular have been significant. 

Robin Milne
Robin is currently the Chairman of the Bay of Plenty Alliance Leadership Team(BOPALT) and the owner of Resolution Incorporated.The BOPALT is responsible for leading the effective integration of Primary & Secondary Health Services across the Bay of Plenty. It is guided in this work by the BOP Integrated Healthcare Strategy, which provides a 'road map' of priorities and processes necessary to support the goals of the Strategy. Robin is renown for his effective and collegial leadership practices and advanced communication skills and capabilities. In the past Robin has held roles as the general Manager of Southern Cross Healthcare, CEO of the Western Bay Health CHE, CEO of Western Bay Health at Tauranga Hospital and group Planning and Development Manager at Lion. Robin demonstrates leadership as a mindset. Robin's staff speak highly of him and many believe he liberates the professionals he works with to make positive customer focused advances.