3rd International Higher Education

Curriculum Design & Academic Leadership


 The Curriculum Designer and Academic Leader as Transformative Activist


6th to 8th December 2017

1/28 Liverpool St., Hamilton CBD, New Zealand

Registration is still open

relating to higher education curriculum design, learning, assessment and evaluation.


The symposia will present a broad range of posters, informal presentations and interactive workshops in a warm and inclusive networking event from and for international educational researchers. Subjects to be discussed include classroom interactions, developing social media and digital skills for learning, emergent curricula that are responsive to changing economic contexts, engaging reflective and mentoring skills…and many more. All sessions are multi-disciplinary and relevant for professionals, students, researchers and teachers involved in all aspects of tertiary and higher education curriculum design, learning, assessment and evaluation.
There will be 4 Keynote speakers:

  • Prof Saville Kushner from the University of Auckland presents views of facilitating effective Higher Education research supervision and teaching;
  • Dr Frank Donnelly explains how complexity theory can help develop a model of healthcare education,
  • Robyn Carruthers from the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine argues how a modern curriculum can also embrace traditional approaches.
  • Grant Berghan & Dr Heather Came provide an opportunity for a ‘fireside conversation’ about activism, academic life leadership and boutique social movements.

Special pre-conference workshops on the afternoon of Wed 6th Dec include the following topics:

  • developing academic writing skills
  • representations of indigeneity, activism in education;
  • and quality assurance indicator

A conference dinner will take place on Thurs Dec 7th, where the NZCDI Curriculum Designer Award will be presented.

For registration, enquiries and submissions, kindly e-mail Trust@nzcdi.ac.nz


The Symposia is sponsored by

New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute

FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education

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