About the FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education


The FREEDOM Institute is the first private higher education institute to be established in New Zealand. We are excellence focussed, creative, innovative, learner-centred and dedicated to the provision of quality higher education for all our learners. The Institute’s purpose is to support you to achieve a valuable qualification that will accelerate your career, improve your employability, develop your professional capabilities and empower you to achieve your aspirations in life. 

We excel in providing programmes that ‘walk the talk’ and deliver the knowledge, skill, attitudes and values promised in their programme graduate profiles. The Institute provides education to people from local, national and international organisations and communities.
All institute programmes have been designed to optimise and accelerate your learning by our eminent NZQA approved and registered specialist programme design partner institute, the New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute (NZCDI).  The NZCDI is a national and international leader in developing innovative and advanced professional education programmes that support learners to achieve the capabilities they need to achieve high level employment and family, life or community goals.
Institute faculty are all professional advanced level educational facilitators and dedicated to supporting you to succeed. They are actively engaged in research and contribute to their community, nation and further afield through social justice related service and as critics and consciences of society.  The Institute’s learning philosophy and holistic support systems are highly effective and ensure learners achieve their aspirations.
We provide world-class research and practice-based professional higher education and create excellent facilitators, advisors, managers and leaders for the world in a range of professional fields such as business, health, higher education and the social sciences. We view higher education as a means to empower individual learners to become leaders who positively develop their families, communities and nations to achieve their human potential and to live in responsible, sustainable and positive states of freedom.
S. F. Stevenson (President Academic and Research)
G. E. Stevenson (Finance and Operations)

An Indigenous Māori Perspective
Rangatiratanga is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.
Koia te kaupapa o te rangatiratanga, o te tika, me te maunga rongo o te ao.
H.M. Ngata

FREEDOM's logo is composed of the following elements:

  •  Green to symbolise the Waikato region in the North Island heartland of New Zealand as one of the nation’s prime agricultural region

  • Wave symbolising the Waikato River upon which FREEDOM is located

  • Blue symbolising the clear blue skies in the Waikato region

  • Silver Fern fronds a national symbol of New Zealand as a nation

  • Two Ionic Pillars which are feature on the Main Campus building and are shown swelling with knowledge, skills and character as the learners who attend at FREEDOM progress through their chosen programmes of learning creating a platform from which they can achieve their career and personal aspirations

  • Four stars which locate New Zealand as a nation under the Southern Cross star constellation in the night skies and are a feature of one of the founding family’s Clan Coat of Arms

  • Scallop shell, a symbol of courage, chivalry and service a feature of the second founding family’s Clan Coat of Arms

  •   Sun radiating light and enlightening thought and action that embodies the graduates of FREEDOM going out into the world to bring light