A Special Note for Family and Friends

If your family member or friend has just decided to undertake a programme of study or experience at the Freedom Institute of Higher Education, then…


They have made an excellent choice that will support them to achieve their future aspirations. They and you are now viewed by the Institute as part of our extended family. We know how important your support and encouragement will be to them as they pursue the advanced programme they have selected. Achieving a study place in one of our programmes will be the first of their many achievements.
At the Institute, we have a caring team of personnel who will do their best to holistically support your family member or friend to achieve, enjoy and overcome challenges they will encounter. Most learners experience the need to adjust and to work hard and well during their programmes of study and experience. We will also ensure there are enjoyable moments also. You are welcome to visit your family member or friend as they make their way toward their goal to be a transformative manager or leaders.

Nikki Going
Learner Services Manager