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Today, travel and studying in other countries as a student is common in most first world and developing countries. In this address, Vickie will review, research experiences and her reflections on a lifetime of introducing USA and other university students to new experiences and understandings of diverse languages and cultures. In her work, Vickie has gained deep and first hand insights into the personal learning, understandings and profound insights many students gain from guided Study Abroad experiences.


About Professor Vickie

Dr. Vickie Hall Stevens' teaching career spans middle school, high school, community college, adult education and university levels. She was a first-generation college student, she received her B.S. and M.A. degrees from Southern Illinois University, then received her Ph.D. in Higher Education Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Administration at University of South Florida. Her dissertation was entitled Student Perceptions on Issues Related to Globalization at a Four-Year Community College in Florida. Professor Stevens has presented at state, national and international conferences and her publications include Globally-minded Learners with Globally Competent Language, Back to the Future: the Beginning of the End of Classrooms without Walls, From la Malinche and Menchú to Modern-Day “Mayas”: Women Forging Paths through the Maze of Higher Education in Forum on Public Policy and De una Vida de servicio y principios humildes a la mujer del siglo; La devocion extraordinaria de Virginia Norman/From a Life of Service and Humility to the Woman of the Century; The Extraordinary Devotion of Virginia Norman. Vickie is currently an International Advisory Council Member of International Higher Education Curriculum Designer Society New Zealand and an editorial board member of International Education Studies Journal, Canadian Centre of Science and Education, Toronto, Canada. A world traveller, Professor Stevens has travelled extensively in all continents with Study Abroad independently and with students from her current faculty, St Petersburg University, Florida, USA.